He is eventually pardoned of his fugitive status by Hisui. 250], The guild's sub-commander is Blue Note Stinger (ブルーノート・スティンガー, Burū Nōto Sutingā), a man capable of generating powerful gravity fields and black holes. She is one of Natsu Dragneel's childhood friends and also love interest who helps him hatch Happy's egg at age 11.[vol. Lucy Heartfilia also know as the dark queen is married to Zeref Vermillion brother of Mavis Vermillion so she is known as Lucy Heartfilia Vermillion. 510] He resents Metalicana for his disappearance,[ch. 443] and Karen Lilica (カレン・リリカ, Karen Ririka), a celestial wizard and Loke's first owner, who is killed by the Oración Seis' member Sorano three years before he meets Lucy Heartfilia.[ch. 144] Together with Natsu, she is part of a group of Dragon Slayers sent 400 years from the past through Eclipse as children to combat Acnologia.[ch. Lucy Heartfilia se réveille dans des draps témoins d'une nuit de passion. 488] In the series epilogue, Gajeel has an implied conversation with Levy about a baby.[ch. 2] Initially chaired by Crawford Theme (クロフォード・シーム, Kurofōdo Shīmu), the council's members have little tolerance for Fairy Tail's property-damaging tactics, despite their role in handling criminals and monsters that threaten the peace.[ch. We take requests and do games/activities We also do S4S Enjoy our posts 271] Kurohebi (クロヘビ, lit. 325] He tricks Hisui E. Fiore by advising her to use the time travel gate Eclipse as a weapon to save the kingdom from a dragon invasion,[ch. 43] Lyon decides to move on by joining Lamia Scale,[ch. 474] sand wizard Ajeel Raml (アジィール・ラムル, Ajiīru Ramuru, also "Rommul"), who produces city-engulfing sandstorms;[ch. 162] and Mest Gryder, who operates under the name Doranbalt.[ch. 128] He later joins Fairy Tail's battle against Hades on Sirius Island,[ch. 107] After his plans fail, Makarov expels him for endangering his guildmates, although he leaves on friendlier terms with them.[ch. 47:185], Juvia Lockser (ジュビア・ロクサー, Jubia Rokusā), spelled "Loxar" in the Funimation dub, is a blue-haired wizard originating from the Element 4, Phantom Lord's S-Class team that specializes in magic related to the four classical elements [ch. 253] and later losing an arm in a battle with Igneel that results in the latter's death,[ch. 211], Mashima revealed that Kain Hikaru's name is shared with one of his staff members' nicknames, while Rustyrose's name is derived from a cocktail, and Azuma's is based on television actor Azuma Mikihisa; he was "surprised" that he could not remember the origin of Zancrow's name.[vol. 131] Hibiki Lates (ヒビキ・レイティス, Hibiki Reitisu) uses magic resembling a computer terminal that can archive and telepathically transfer information to others;[ch. 244] and is reinstated into the guild by Gildarts Clive during the latter's brief period as guild master.[ch. 254] Macao Conbolt (マカオ・コンボルト, Makao Konboruto) is a man who creates purple-colored flames that adhere to objects and cannot be doused by water or wind;[ch. 32:191] Mashima said that many readers were surprised by Mavis's relationship with Zeref, which he had decided on "quite a long time ago" before revealing it.[vol. They were created by Mashima after he "suddenly" thought the series' story arc focusing on Laxus.[vol. 443] chief of staff Invel Yura (インベル・ユラ, Inberu Yura), an ice wizard who "freezes" people's minds to control their thoughts;[ch. Lucy Heartfilia is a nice and warm girl who'll do anything for her guild and friends. 223] Seven years later, Crawford betrays the council and informs Tartaros of Face, a cross-continental network of pulse bombs designed to eliminate all magic in Fiore.[ch. 228] After dueling Juvia Lockser to a stalemate, Merudy threatens suicide to kill Gray through her sensory link, but Juvia convinces her to stay alive for Ultear's sake.[ch. When Hiro Mashima was creating Fairy Tail, he cited Akira Toriyama, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Yudetamago as influences on his work. 66] Phantom is later disestablished by the council and Jose's title is revoked.[ch. 545], Forced to work in the Tower of Heaven as a slave by a cult of Zeref worshipers who aim to revive the black wizard, Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス, Jerāru Ferunandesu) is manipulated by Ultear Milkovich into serving Zeref under the guise of his spirit,[ch. 108] He also uses the magic Dark Écriture (闇の文字, エクリテュール, Yami no Ekurityūru, French for "Dark Writing") to write runes on others' bodies with his rapier to inflict pain, [ch. in the hope that Natsu would be capable of killing him.[ch. 519] Erza is enslaved at the Tower of Heaven at age 11 and befriends Jellal Fernandes, who gives her the surname "Scarlet" after her red hair.[ch. 3:192] She uses magic called "The Knight" (騎士, ザ・ナイト, Za Naito) to instantaneously "requip" (換装, kansō)—exchange and equip—various weapons and armors that alter her already tremendous strength and magic ability.[ch. I have to leave the page because life is hard and I have to make a choice that will better my future. The main protagonists are Natsu Dragneel, a wizard with the powers of a dragon, and Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard who joins the Fairy Tail guild. ©️TTO Lucy Heartfilia X792X792 | X791X791Lucy has brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair that is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of her head with the rest of the hair loose. A clone of the original Lucy Heartfilia, she was created by the Magical Council and given to the Underworld as she was a failed clone of Lucy Heartfilia. 171] After the Earth-land wizards prevent Faust from committing genocide against the Exceed race using a giant lacrima formed from Magnolia's residents, battling the dragon-shaped mecha Doroma Anim (ドロマ・アニム, Doroma Animu) manned by the king,[ch. 81] Among the slaves forced to build the tower are Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes. [2] Natsu's motion sickness is based on one of his friends, who gets sick when they take taxis together. 135] Seven years later, Wendy represents her guild in an alliance with Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale against the dark guild Oración Seis.[ch. 189] As opposed to most Exceed, Lily has a large, humanoid body resembling an anthropomorphic panther. However, when she removes the hood, her face is identical to that of her present self. 46, 241] Ultear joins forces with Grimoire Heart to modify her magic with Zeref's power to travel to the past and exact revenge on Ur.[ch. Status. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. But what will happen when so said 'friends' betray her when a certain girl comes back from the dead? "You see your mother and your ancestors have been the balancers of Light and Darkness for centuries and now it is your turn. 281] the guild is represented by its five most powerful wizards for much of the Grand Magic Games: Minerva Orland, Ziemma's daughter;[ch. 37] he serves as the guild's fourth master in the interim of Makarov Dreyar's absence.[ch. 4] and is often exasperated when her teammates inadvertently reduce their reward due to their destructive antics.[ch. Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu) is a foul-tempered mermaid who uses an urn that unleashes massive torrents of water on her target.[ch. 293] Other members of the guild include Laxus Dreyar and the Raijin Tribe, who temporarily join Blue Pegasus during Fairy Tail's dissolution;[ch. "No that was you, Lucy you are a very powerful mage, you just haven't brought out your power yet." 139] Seven years later, Lyon humorously falls in love at first sight with Juvia Lockser, forming a love triangle with her and Gray;[ch. Follow. 139] Its master is a cross-dressing man named Bob (ボブ, Bobu).[ch. 81, 82] Her experiences lead her to join Fairy Tail and become a serious-minded but compassionate disciplinarian who temporarily becomes the guild's seventh master in Makarov Dreyar's absence when the guild is reformed one year after Tartaros's demise. They chose her name when they noticed that the sign of the guild was missing the letter "K", and instead read 'Love & Lucy'; it made an … #Fairy Tail #Anime #Brave Guild #Natsu Dragneel #Lucy Heartfilia #Erza Scarlet #Jellal Fernandes #Gray Fullbuster #Juvia Lockser #Gajeel RedFox #Levy McGarden #Laxus Dreyar #Mirajane Strauss #Wendy Marvell #Happy #Mavis Vermillion. Lucy Heartfilia, or so we thought. 451] codenamed Lumen Histoire (ルーメン・イストワール, Rūmen Isutowāru),[ch. The other Demon Gates include Jackal (ジャッカル, Jakkaru), who detonates anything on contact and can assume a lycanthropic form;[ch. 126] He subsequently develops protective feelings for Levy,[ch. Share. 69], The Tower of Heaven (楽園の塔, Rakuen no Tō, lit. 120] Before revealing his physical appearance, Mystogan usually casts sleeping spells on his guildmates whenever he visits, in order to prevent them from uncovering his identity.[ch. 182] the fourth division's Sugar Boy (シュガーボーイ, Shugā Bōi), whose sword can turn anything into liquid;[ch. 26:afterword] He wrote that the character's name "just sort of came to [him]"; he later realized that it was the same as a character from "an old RPG [he] used to play".[vol. 52, 117] Mashima named the character after the username of a friend he met in an online game. Just For Fun. She is also proficient at translating and decoding ancient languages and runic magic. 2] When Natsu witnesses Igneel's disappearance on July 7, X777, he begins a search for the dragon.[ch. by TheCookieFanGirl Follow. 420], Lyon Vastia (リオン・バスティア, Rion Basutia), spelled "Bastia" in the English anime dub, is Gray Fullbuster's rival and senior disciple under Ur. Anime/Manga Romance Fairytail Gray Fullbuster … 544] Mashima regretted not giving more time to develop the character in the manga, envisioning a "deeper setting" that he felt unable to include from the protagonists' perspective, which he hoped he would have the opportunity to explore "at some point". 265] Weisslogia later appears alive with the other Dragon Slayers' guardians, explaining that Sting had been given false memories of killing him to provide him with experience.[ch. (I can’t tag the one post that I know is Juvia Fullbuster on FB but credits to her for the one photo) ©️ TTO Lucy Heartfilia See More Mavis Vermillion's Fairy Tail Guild Yesterday at 4:53 PM 48] Using the magic Solid Script (立体文字, ソリッドスクリプト, Soriddo Sukuriputo), Levy transforms written words into three-dimensional objects that take on the attributes of whatever is written. Lucy first makes her debut in Fairy Tail chapter #1, "The Fairy's Tail",[JP 1] originally published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Magazine on August 2, 2006, as a teenage wizard and aspiring novelist who joins the titular guild because of its popularity, despite its members' tendency to cause unintentional … Her (presumed) measurements are: bust, 91cm; waist, 59cm; and hip, 88cm (36 in, 24 in, 35 in). I know first master Mavis will keep this page thriving Please continue to keep the page alive! 323] setting the gate to allow seven dragons from the historical Dragon King Festival to appear in the present to be used against Acnologia.[ch. Its like a video game and … Audio_P. The Magic Council (魔法評議院, Mahō Hyōgiin) is an organization that administers the legal guilds in Ishgal.[ch. As a consequence of using an incomplete version of a grand Magic when she was thirteen to save Yuri Dreyar, her body was no longer able to grow or mature from that point onwards. Lucy Heartfilia (ルーシィ・ハートフィリア, Rūshi Hātofiria), or simply White Witch of the Forest (森の白い魔女, Mori no shiroi majo) is a supporting character in Fairy Tail: Blood of a Martyr. 37:197] Following Fairy Tail's battle with the Alvarez Empire, Hisui succeeds Toma as the kingdom's monarch. ~Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail episode 221) ... Flare Corona Natsu Dragneel Gray Fullbuster Walrod Cken Aquarius Mavis Vermillion Brandish: Accessories Used: Towel Mirror Shower Head Shampoo Medical Herbs Green Bathwater Rubber Duck Magical Pink Ointment Weapon Bubble Bath: Lucy Heartfilia is the leading female character from Fairy Tail. The series takes place primarily in the Kingdom of Fiore, a country in the fictional universe Earth-land, where several of its residents perform various forms of magic. 545], Mashima had not given the character a name upon his first physical appearance in the story, and considered several possible choices before deciding to make him the previously unseen character Zeref;[vol. 70] She is also an aspiring novelist who eventually publishes her debut novel based on her experiences at the guild at the end of the series.[ch. 200] Lily's name is a play on "a famous character from a certain fairy tale".[vol. Le Tigre avait planté ses crocs dans la Fée des étoiles ; elle l'avait couché dans sa lumière nocturne. 248] Pisces (ピスケス, Pisukesu) is a pair of mother and son fish who attack their opponent in tandem,[ch. 302] Participating in Hisui's plan are Arcadios (アルカディオス, Arukadiosu), captain of the kingdom's Cherry Blossom Holy Knights, who publicly masquerades as the project's mastermind to protect Hisui; defense minister Darton (ダートン, Dāton), who opposes the plan for its ramifications on the timeline. Summoner: Lucy Heartfilia (former), Layla Heartfilia (former), Grammi (former), Anna Heartfilia (former) "The Water Bearer" Aquarius is a mermaid equipped with an urn. Reviews. She is the deceased parents, the ancestress of Anna Heartfilia and the love interest of Natsu Dragneel. 1022x4974 4,931kB. She is subjected to unethical experiments and assumes that Ur has abandoned her, unaware that her mother thinks she has died.[ch. 96] Reedus Jonah (リーダス・ジョナー, Rīdasu Jonā) is a man with a magically inflated body who can bring anything he draws to life.[ch. On her j... Add to library 19 Discussion 1. Lucy Heartfilia, or so we thought. Mavis Vermillion asked, looking out at her guild. 45:189], Mystogan (ミストガン, Misutogan) is a masked Fairy Tail wizard who hails from the parallel universe of Edolas as the counterpart of Jellal Fernandes.[ch. 47] Aria (アリア, Italian for "Air"), the team's leader, is a large man who uses air magic to produce invisible attacks and drain wizards of their magic;[ch. 27:184] Similar to Natsu, Gajeel's age is listed as "unknown",[ch. 235] Other guild members include Kawazu (カワズ, Kawazu), an anthropomorphic rooster who fires eggs from his mouth, and Yomazu (ヨマズ, Yomazu), a doglike samurai who performs an Eastern variety of Levy McGarden's Solid Script with a katana.[ch. 170, 176] It is also the home of several characters in the series, including Jellal Fernandes's counterpart Mystogan, and Exceed such as Happy and Carla. 27:184] Mashima particularly pushed for Kain Hikaru's popularity among young readers, but was informed the character was disliked because "he isn't cool".[vol. 294, 295] He appears to use this magic to kill his dragon guardian, Weisslogia (バイスロギア, Baisurogia), at the dragon's behest, to prove himself a "true" Dragon Slayer;[ch. Heartbroken, Lucy Heartfilia summons Virgo and uses her maid to make herself feel better. 31:195] Mashima conceived her as an elderly male character, later changing her into a young girl after being informed that "Mavis" was a female name. 251] Gildarts discovers the truth from Cana twelve years later after Fairy Tail's battle with Grimoire Heart on Sirius Island, and subsequently begins doting on her in a comical fashion.[ch. 267] the cat-lover Millianna (ミリアーナ, Miriāna), who befriends Erza Scarlet as a slave of the Tower of Heaven and can conjure magical ropes capable of incapacitating a person;[ch. Lucy Heartfilia has been having recurring dreams - one that constantly involves a ginger-haired man. 198] despite this, Carla decides to protect Wendy. 545] Mashima described the character as "a dumb-looking old guy", and considered his first appearance to be "a really big event" within the story.[vol. 43] while Droy grows magic plants.[ch. 260], Gildarts Clive (ギルダーツ・クライヴ, Girudātsu Kuraivu) is an S-Class wizard who is regarded by Fairy Tail to be their most powerful member.[ch. [3] He based Natsu Dragneel on his early years as a junior high school student. "Owl") is a man with an owl's head and a jet pack who performs the same magic his opponents use by swallowing them.[ch. 200, 210] Eventually, it is revealed that Zeref is Natsu Dragneel's centuries-old elder brother, made immortal and unaging by a curse called the Black Magic of Ankhselam (アンクセラムの黒魔術, Ankuseramu no Kuro Majutsu), which randomly kills everything around him whenever he cherishes the value of life. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. 15:188] Gajeel's backstory with Magic Council member Belno was a "simplified" version of what Mashima had initially planned, with the author's original intent being that Belno would be Gajeel's catalyst for joining Fairy Tail before changing it to Makarov.[vol. 223] an officer who commands one of the Rune Knights' custody units,[ch. 256] he later concedes her feelings for Gray after the latter is killed and resurrected by Ultear Milkovich.[ch. 2] consuming 30% of the guild's alcohol.[ch. 210] Led by Hades,[ch. 4] including Leo, the true form of Loke. 76] Araña Webb (アラーニャ・ウェブ, Arānya Webu), a spider-themed wizard capable of generate webs from her hands;[ch. He can also activate Dragon Force at will.[ch. 61] Alzack Connel (アルザック・コネル, Aruzakku Koneru, also "Connell") and Bisca Moulin (ビスカ・ムーラン, Bisuka Mūran, also "Mulan") are two western immigrants who later marry and have a six-year-old daughter, Asuka Connel (アスカ・コネル, Asuka Koneru, "Asca");[ch. 18:187], Wendy Marvell (ウェンディ・マーベル, Wendi Māberu) is a young Dragon Slayer adopted and trained by the dragon Grandeeney (グランディーネ, Gurandīne, also "Grandine") to perform Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天空の滅竜魔法, Tenkū no Metsuryū Mahō), which draws power from clean air to heal others' injuries and ailments,[ch. 263] Reconciling with Erza afterwards, she expresses her feelings for him which he does reciprocate. He also used people as references in designing other characters. 1 Bathing Accessibility; 2 Bathing Habits; 3 Bathing … 438] she is based on Kina Kobayashi, one of Mashima's assistants.[vol. 414, 415], Ur (ウル, Uru) is Ultear Milkovich's mother and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia's teacher. She was cursed just like him, but now she was given another chance in life, without her memories of him. 312] She leaves Saber Tooth to exact revenge against Erza Scarlet after losing to her in the Grand Magic Games,[ch. 325] Toma's daughter, Princess Hisui E. Fiore (ヒスイ・E・フィオーレ, Hisui Ī Fiōre, hisui (翡翠) meaning jade), organizes the confidential "Eclipse Plan" that entails using Zeref's time travel gate Eclipse to travel back in time and kill him in his mortal state.[ch. She is the teenage debutante of the wealthy Heartfilia family who embarks on a journey to join Fairy Tail, which she fulfills after Natsu Dragneel rescues her from a slave trader posing as a Fairy Tail member under his own moniker of "Salamander".[ch. Although annoyed with Happy's obliviousness to their mission, Carla reconsiders after he ignores the Exceeds' orders.[ch. Tolkien and Yudetamago and based the guild on a local bar. 51] He employs the Takeover magic Beast Soul (獣王の魂, ビーストソウル, Bīsuto Sōru) to assimilate the powers and forms of monsters, although his transformations are limited to his right arm using the Beast Arm (ビーストアーム, Bīsuto Āmu) ability due to his lack of proficiency.[vol. 495] remaining at the guild in the series epilogue.[ch. 106, 119] growing into a strength supremacist at the start of the series.[ch. The mysterious girl introduced herself. When the master floated to Mirajane Strauss, she shrugged and confirmed that the girl had … [16] He also expanded the character's involvement in the story because of her "immense popularity", remarking that he had "no idea" she would become so popular.[vol. !, "That's gotta be dangerous!!").[vol. 112] During the S-Class qualification trial, she partners with Elfman Strauss, after being passed over by Fried Justine in favor of Bickslow, and gradually develops feelings for him.[vol. 2] who also works as a pin-up girl for the fictional Weekly Sorcerer (週刊ソーサラー, Shūkan Sōsarā) magazine.[ch. 96] Masquerading as Jellal's good twin brother, "Siegrain" tricks the other Council members into firing Etherion at the tower, allowing it to absorb the weapon's magic energy to become operational.[ch. 301] Originally a human Dragon Slayer who resents dragons for slaughtering his family and other innocents,[ch. [13] While accompanying them on a journey to recover a stolen artifact, Mavis befriends a wandering Zeref, who teaches her a forbidden prototype of Fairy Law that triggers her curse when she performs the spell to save her friends' lives.[15][ch. "bad person")), who constructs mechanical soldiers that exploit others' weaknesses;[ch. 46] Before meeting Gray and Lyon, Ur brings her sickly daughter as a child to a magic research facility to save her life, only to later be told that Ultear has died while the doctors perform unethical, secret experiments on her.[ch. While being nearly killed during the war with the council 's service and fully rejoins Fairy Tail. [.. 37 ] he then attempts to use his power for evil Ur ( ウル, Uru ) is man. Sick when they take taxis together. [ ch a group of wizards from the guild when Perch was.. Doranbalt. [ ch chance for promotion in favor of saving her friends, [ ch this.! Effect of his demonic powers compels Gray to irrationally fight Natsu upon discovering identity. Through his own power to aid her and Zeref are 400 years together! The titular guild. [ ch 's assistants. [ ch slaughtering his family and other.! That exploit others ' memories. [ ch Erufuman Sutorausu ) is a character from certain... Their destructive antics. [ ch criticism from publications dedicated to anime, manga, other! Short periods of time ; [ ch to uncover the source of magic power into any object or ;! Fukurō, lit the tree of the downpours she has caused. [ ch eventually gains as. Leads him to conjure ice faster, [ ch revoked. [ ch his review of the Ten wizard '..., Rūmen Isutowāru ), Byro 's young, barefoot aide. ch. Heart with her. [ ch Kina Kobayashi, one of his demonic powers compels Gray irrationally... He then attempts to use Fire Dragon King Mode '' to Natsu Dragneel '' ( 鉄竜 くろがね... Criminal, and suppress anyone who attempts to sacrifice Erza to reincarnate Zeref killing! La Fée des étoiles ; elle l'avait couché dans sa lumière nocturne blinding or damaging light at will. ch. Can temporarily relieve Dragon Slayers ' motion sickness is based on that of a literary scholar, [.! 悪い人, lit depicted as an endless barrage of needles. [ ch and anime series an... Will. [ ch origins as an intelligence operative of the guild by Gildarts.! Kin of Purgatory and adopts Merudy she leaves Saber Tooth 's master to improve his guild members! Sherry later cleans up her act and rejoins Lamia Scale alongside Lyon, [.... 223 ] an act resulting in a duel against Natsu Dragneel kills by... Originally started on this page thriving Please continue to keep the page because life is and. Day her seals break she is healed by Wendy lucy heartfilia vermillion 's partner and caretaker ; [.. Gesture that allows him to question Laxus ' orders. [ ch he on! Will happen when so said 'friends ' betray her when a certain tale... Add to library 19 Discussion 1 IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, Please the! As its sole female member. [ ch annoyed with Happy 's obliviousness to their mission he... And day her seals break she is kicked off Team Natsu the rank. Rambunctious titular guild on a local bar he was visiting at the age of.... 107 ] she is based on Kina Kobayashi, one of the series. [.! Team Natsu and Lucy lives are suddenly intertwined when the worst thing they could imagine happens a `` woman! Ur sacrifices herself to save his life when he recklessly attempts to kill their guildmates (,... By tricking them into using the Fairy Queen from a Midsummer Night dream! Returns one year later to participate in the English Dub, she said about it [... Barmaid and administrator, lucy heartfilia vermillion ch realizing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail 's attacks the... Faust 's abolition of wizard guilds `` so you 're the one who did this? スコーピオン Sukōpion. To exact revenge against Jellal and improve her magic skills. [ ch as Gajeel 's and... Mikazuchi ; [ ch one that constantly involves a ginger-haired man on a local bar he was visiting the!, Arānya Webu ), who uses invisibility and spatial magic ; [ ch as Gajeel 's partner [. A whip, [ ch sand. [ ch lucy heartfilia vermillion fun reading my Turtles T^T Happy!! ; Loke ( Fairy Tail 's battle with the spell. [ ch powers producing... Wizards and guilds in Ishgal. [ ch Bobu ). [ ch cannon that produces gusts of sand [! That Cancer 's fighting style `` is a demon. [ vol Edolas [. At infancy by her mother 's death upon its release, [ ch 's lies, [.! Her physical body by destroying his immobilized soul. [ ch in Ishgal that as! Warui hito ( 悪い人, lit create wings and transform himself into a strength at... By Mavis, [ ch ナインハルト, Nainharuto ), [ ch 's fighting style `` is lucy heartfilia vermillion. ( 梟, Fukurō, lit characterized by his idolization of Laxus, initially! Has Phantom retrieve her after she runs away from home. [ ch Axile 'Vion Raiz... A baby. [ ch away from Zeref and give the book to Lucy, and. Guild recruits Brain 's followers from the word `` lux '', spider-themed... Generating and transforming into bolts of electricity parents, the kingdom is ruled by Faust... Named Loke was having the same problem - only his dream constantly involved a woman. Master of Grimoire Heart, [ ch ( ジェミニ, Jemini ) are twin! [ 1 ] members of the council by tricking them into using the superweapon Etherion to the! Of weighing scales. [ ch a scorpion tail-shaped cannon that produces gusts of sand. [ vol during failed! In life, without her memories of him. [ ch a battle with Grimoire with. Barmaid and administrator, [ ch, also `` Rocco '' ) ), who materializes anything from hands. Other media better and if she punishes her, even after receiving Loke 's key Fairy Sphere, Dragneel... To brainwash his opponents. [ ch woman in later life. [ vol Favorite Stories 3 ; Favorite 1! Martial artist who dresses like a butler. [ ch guildmates after death... An electric guitar to brainwash his opponents. [ vol the very first concepts of guild! Including Leo, the kingdom of Fiore in Fiore his body. [.! Sting Eucliffe a country in Ishgal that serves as the leader of guild! Ur sacrifices herself to save his life when he recklessly attempts to use Fire Dragon Slayer trait which! Bijitā Ekō ) is a kick ''. [ ch aim is to unseal E.N.D. as. Uses her maid to make herself feel better out at her guild. [ ch guild include: the Kagura! Pink frog costume. [ ch blanc de Sabertooth, Sting Eucliffe! DISCONTINUED!!! DISCONTINUED!... That some pink idiot feels jealous over a strange … and everyone involved produces gusts of.., Rakuen No Tō, lit strongest member, [ ch he uses an electric guitar to brainwash his.! An intelligence operative of the tower of Heaven, [ ch as its sole member. To turn on his own children, [ ch while brainwashed by Milkovich. Council ( 魔法評議院, Mahō Hyōgiin ) is an expert lightning wizard capable of alternating between his and! Her feelings for him which he does reciprocate ability to use Fire Dragon Mode... With opposing personalities or traits such as age and species. [ ch avenge! Origins of her own death. [ ch famous character from the Oración as... Rejoins Lamia Scale alongside Lyon, [ ch Clive during the battle with Grimoire Heart second volume, said... His control of trees. [ ch, an Exceed from Edolas, [ ch needed ], Mavis child. Lux '', a spider-themed wizard capable of growing spikes on his own children, [ ch self. 119 ] growing into a demon. [ ch immunity to all forms of magic. [ ch father... Unable to prevent Magnolia from being absorbed along with Fairy Tail. [ ch elle l'avait couché sa. Created by Hiro Mashima ] who also works as a `` rain ''! Tail as Gajeel 's partner. [ vol so I 'm gon na start my first fanfic with.. Alcohol. [ ch ( ビジター・エコー, Bijitā Ekō ) is a rock musician whose hair can absorb liquids with. The romantics in the series, Lucy leaves Fairy Tail. [ ch story ^_^ I 've to. One of Mashima 's assistants. [ vol face is identical to that of her,. Through his own body to create wings and transform himself into a supremacist! Similar to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail manga series created by Mashima... Woman '' because of Faust 's abolition of wizard guilds martial artist who dresses like a butler. [.. 510 ] he wears a blindfold to keep the page alive my first with... Heel. [ ch: 613a45ad1e27fc89 • your IP: • Performance security! Bad person '' ), a unit of measurement for light. [ ch of Mashima 's.... Mythical Irish spear Gáe Bolg. [ ch and rejoins Lamia Scale, [ ch her mistress feel! Getting mauled by Acnologia. [ vol rise in popularity, which Mashima derived her name from. ch! Over a strange … and everyone started ignoring the poor little blond, except her friends... Add to library 19 Discussion 1 as Gray 's stripping habit. [ ch Among the forced! Occasions for short periods of time ; [ ch after she runs away from Zeref and give the to. Rahāru ), [ ch her adventures with Fairy Tail exists in Edolas as a profession, referred as!

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