We are Factory Authorized for over 100 manufacturers and growing every day.


Did your equipment fail? The first question we like to ask is: Is it still under warranty? Look below – we’re a Factory Authorized Service Center for a lot of different manufacturers. Even if it’s not a warranty repair we can probably take care of it for you.


If you need it back in a hurry – consider Rush service. We typically turn these around the same or next business day. With Rush service, your item will be the next one on the technician’s bench! We can also order any required parts to be shipped expedited, for an additional charge.

$50 Diagnostic and Bench Fee (due upon dropoff)

$96 per hour

Estimates can be requested at dropoff

Rush Service is available for $50 in addition to the typical repair charge

For most warranty service we only need a clear copy of your receipt, but there are a few companies that handle their warranty service differently and will be marked as such

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Please note this is only a partial list so if you do not see your brand listed please call or email us.


  • AER
  • Allen & Heath
  • Ampeg
  • American Music & Sound
  • B-52
  • Behringer (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • Blackstar
  • Boss
  • BSS
  • Bugera (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • Casio
  • Cerwin Vega
  • Community Pro Loudspeakers
  • Crate
  • Crest Audio
  • Crown Audio
  • dbx
  • DigiTech
  • DOD
  • Egnater (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • EV
  • Fender
  • Gallien Krueger
  • General Music
  • Gibson
  • Hammond Suzuki
  • JBL Professional
  • Johnson Amplification
  • Kawai
  • Korg
  • KRK
  • Kurzweil
  • Kustom
  • LOUD
  • Mackie
  • Marshall
  • McIntosh
  • Mesa Boogie
  • Midas (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • Motion Sound
  • Nord
  • Novation
  • Orange
  • Peavey
  • Pioneer
  • Polytone
  • QSC
  • Quilter
  • Randall
  • Roland
  • Samson
  • Soundcraft
  • SWR
  • Tascam
  • TC Electronics (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • TC Helicon (You MUST have an RA number before we can service under warranty)
  • TEAC
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Trace Elliot
  • U.S. Music Corporation
  • VocoPro
  • Vox
  • Washburn International
  • Yamaha
  • Yorkville

We can perform out-of-warranty repairs for all items listed for In-Warranty Service, as well as:

  • Acoustic
  • AKG
  • American DJ
  • Anchor Audio
  • Apogee
  • ARP
  • Ashdown
  • Ashly Audio
  • Audio-Technica
  • Audix
  • Chauvet
  • Clear-Com
  • Denon
  • Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)
  • Elation
  • Engl
  • Event
  • Fostex
  • Gemini
  • Graph Tech
  • Hughes & Kettner
  • Le Maitre
  • Lectrosonics
  • Line 6
  • M Audio
  • Marantz
  • Markbass / VST
  • Moog
  • NADY
  • Numark
  • Oberheim
  • Rane
  • Recordex
  • Rocktron
  • Rode
  • Sennheiser
  • Shure
  • Tannoy
  • TOA Electronics
  • Vestax
  • Walter Woods
  • Whirlwind

This is by no means an exhaustive list – even if you do not see your manufacturer listed here, we can almost certainly service it! Give us a call or email us!